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Surf lesson. What’s included :

1 Day 55€
3 Day 150€
1 Day 225€

Portuguese Qualified Instructor Surf equipment (Surfboard, apparel, Lycra and Leash) Transport to the beach. Sports Insurance.

You just need to bring:

Bathing suit, Beach towel, Sunscreen Appropriated dress for a day at the beach, Water and Snack.

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Surf Safari. 5 hours 45€ :

For those who wants to start surfing and learn the first steps.We teach the basic steps of surf where you will learn safety rules, composition of the Board, as rowing to catch the wave and how to TAKE OFF (Put you on feet). This phase is the most important in learning of surfing, you will make your evolution from these first steps.

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You can choose between a group class or private lesson. The lessons are planned according with your previous surf experience and your actual skills.

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